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Sony releases an unlocked Xperia Z1 with US-friendly LTE

Frustrated that you’ve had to sign up to T-Mobile just to pick up an Xperia Z1 variant with completely US-native LTE? That won’t be a problem after this week. Sony has released an unlocked version of the Z1 that can take advantage of 4G speeds on…
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Unlocked iPhone 5s availability begins in USA off-contract

The iPhone 5s has been available for several months now inside the United States, and here near the end of November of 2013 we’re seeing the first push of an unlocked, off-contract iteration of the smartphone. This device has been available off-contract inside the USA previous to today, but until now we’ve not seen the […]

Unlocked Moto X Developer Edition already sold out

Moto X's developer edition comes in straight up black and white.

(Credit: Motorola)

Some things about Motorola’s Moto X are unconventional, like its funky curved back and assembled-in-America customization. But the rollout of the Moto X, which began with AT&T and slowly spread to other carriers, has been painfully conventional.

Finally this week, tinkerers got their wish as two developer editions of the Moto X and another for Motorola’s Droid Maxx went on sale, all with unlocked bootloaders.

There must have been some pent up demand for digging into the digital guts of Motorola’s latest offerings as the Droid Maxx Developer Edition and CDMA version of the Moto X Developer Edition that comes with a Verizon sim card are both already out of stock on Motorola’s website. Both phones sell for $ 649. Apparently, that price tag doesn’t come with the opportunity to customize your nerdy Moto X in Moto Maker. The order page only offers a “special black and woven white Developer Edition design.”

Relat… [Read more]

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ABCs of smartphone screens: 1080p and more (Smartphones Unlocked)

The Nokia Lumia 1020 features PureMotion HD+ technology, a ClearBlack display, and supersensitive screen. Beg pardon?

(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

The smartphone industry tosses around a whole bucket of names and numbers to describe the viewing experience on your smartphone screen: ClearBlack, 1080p, Retina, AMOLED, supersensitive. And the list goes on.

Some designations are marketing monikers cooked up to give one company an edge; others are more scientific. That isn’t to say that flashy names like Apple’s Retina Display are worthless and empty. Sometimes the trademarked name masks a unique process too technical to quickly explain.

To make things simpler, here are some common terms you might see attached to smartphone screens, and some factors that actually go into making your screen a standout, like the physical screen materials, LCD versus OLED, brightness, color accuracy, and pixel resolution. Got all that? Good. Now let’s dive in.

Common smartphone screens The terms often used to describe smartphone screens aren’t always so clear.

HTC One available from its online store, 32GB unlocked model priced at $575

HTC's One pops up on its site with unlocked SIM and bootloader for $  575

Alongside its developer model, HTC now has an unlocked One for the rest of us. The fetching 4.7-inch 1080p device is in stock at HTC’s US store with 32GB of storage and the same powerhouse specs we saw earlier: 1.7Ghz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, 4-megapixel “UltraPixel” cam and Android 4.1.2 with Sense 5. You’ll also get a SIM-unlocked model, but unlike the 64GB equipped, $ 650 developer edition, it won’t come with a liberated bootloader — though it’ll cost a touch less at $ 575. So, if you’ve been biding your time for a carrier-free version of the svelte aluminum-bodied handset, you can place your order at the source.

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Source: HTC

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T-Mobile brings LTE to unlocked iPhone 5s with new carrier update

T-Mobile iPhone 5 LTE
T-Mobile made its customers who use unlocked iPhone 5s happy today by rolling out a new carrier update that gives their devices access to T-Mobile’s LTE network. Per TmoNews, the new update promises to improve battery life on unlocked iPhones while also delivering Visual Voicemail, a 4G network indicator, access to T-Mobile’s AWS LTE network band and access to HD Voice services. While LTE access for unlocked iPhone 5 customers is certainly welcome, they should know that T-Mobile’s LTE network is only live in seven markets right now, so they’ll still likely have to rely on the carrier’s HSPA+ services even after installing the new update.

6 things I want to do with NFC (Smartphones Unlocked)

S Beam on the Samsung Galaxy S3 makes terrific use of NFC.

(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

Tapping your phone on a console to pay for fries and a Coke is cool. Yet until the stars align, it’s not how you’ll be using NFC, the near field communications standard that gets devices talking to one another quickly and in a very short range.

Instead of using NFC to replace your credit card, it will increasingly become your passcode, your key. Best of all, it can be used to program one tag with a certain set of instructions that can launch specific actions when read by another NFC-enabled device.

In other words, just one tap of an NFC smartphone on the right tag can launch an app, a map, and share photos and documents.

NFC has been sitting around in phones for years, waiting for people to figure out how to use its charms. This past CES and MWC, device-makers have begun showing more smartphones, laptops, cameras, and appliances built with an embedded NFC chip.

The problem is, some of these NFC-enabled devices just don’t work. There are software and hardware hurdles to overcome, but for the first time since NFC landed on an unsuspecting phone, there’s the real possibility for NFC pairing to meld into a way of life.

Here are the ways I’d want use the protocol. Some already exi… [Read more]

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How to sell your phone for cash (Smartphones Unlocked)

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

In last month’s Smartphones Unlocked, I shared what happens to your smartphone when it ceases to be yours.

Although I listed resources for getting rid of your phone (and took a poll of what CNET readers usually do with their old handsets,) it’s high time I offered up some tips for how to go about selling your phone…or any other consumer electronic, for that matter.

Don’t count on a Hawaiian vacation for your efforts, but depending on how much you hoard or how savvy you sell, the dollars could really add up.

1. Raid the closet

When’s the last time you’ve slid open desk drawers or checked under the bed? Chances are that you have at least one ancient flip phone hiding out in a closet somewhere.

Holding onto a phone you’re no longer planning to use makes good sense. You never know when you or a family member or friend will need a spare, but at some point when you upgrade to the next big thing, you can turn the one you’ve got into cash.

When you add up the old cell phones, cameras, and laptops you have at home, you might find a nice little stash to sell.

2. Don’t stress if it’s broken

How much money would you expect to get for a cruddy old model? Through many Web sites and trade-in programs, the answer is: nothing…. [Read more]

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Your smartphone’s secret afterlife (Smartphones Unlocked)

A Green Citizen technician swaps out a broken iPhone screen.

(Credit: CNET/CBS Interactive)

A blue mat, a fine-tipped screwdriver, and a dozen itty bitty screws. This is Titus Green’s workspace, set within a warehouse that processes 2 million pounds of unwanted electronic waste each year.

Green, 22, and his team at San Francisco Bay Area e-waste collection center Green Citizen, refurbish 30 cell phones a day to put back into customers’ hands.

If you don’t chuck your electronics down the trash chute (and please don’t,) the most likely cycle is that the phone will be refurbished and resold, one way or another.

Of the appliances that come through Green Citizen’s doors — computers, old phones, even an ancient sewing machine — 21 percent will get a second chance at life. The remaining 79 percent of unwanted cables, motherboards, and TVs are too ancient or too broken for anything beyond tossing individual parts into scrap bins.

Four ways to ditch your old electronics

From there, towering bins containing circuit boards here and batteries there ship out to certified partners that either turn the parts into some other electronic, or smelt metals and other materials out of phones — like copper or silver, for instance. In addition, certified e-waste recycling centers deal with noxious chemi… [Read more]

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Unlocked iPhone 5 could arrive in Apple’s Web store tonight

iPhone 5.

(Credit: CNET)

Apple will begin selling an unlocked version of the iPhone 5 tonight through its online store in the U.S. according to a new report.

Citing retail sources, 9to5Mac says Apple will quietly kick off sales of the unlocked device on its online store this evening, later doing the same at its retail stores.

The news comes as supply of the iPhone 5 is easing, with new orders from Apple’s online site shipping in one week, down from the nearly month long delay shortly after the product’s launch in September.

By selling it unlocked, it means that users can insert nano-SIM cards from any supported carrier for use on the network, as opposed to the locked phones, which are tied to the carrier they purchased the phone from. The feature comes at a cost: unlocked buyers pick up the full price of the iPhone, which is expected to start at $ 649, versus what is typically the subsidized $ 199 entry price on contract.

This would not be the first time Apple has offered an unlocked iPhone in the U.S. Apple did the… [Read more]

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