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Samsung’s new app store will make sure your kids never blow your salary on in-app purchases

Galaxy S5 Kids Store

One of the Galaxy S5 features that was leaked before its official announcement and briefly described during the show at Mobile World Congress is the special Kids Mode functionality that allows parents to share their smartphone with their children, but only include certain features including access to games but also Samsung’s pre-loaded apps such as a basic drawing app, a voice recording app, special camera and gallery apps, and a karaoke app. But there’s also a Kids Store that provides access to even more apps.

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Tony Gonzalez has said he’s good with retirement, but it sure doesn’t seem that way

Green Bay Packers safety Morgan Burnett’s trash talk of Tony Gonzalez is the latest mini-controversy in the NFL.

A quick recap: ESPN.com’s Rob Demovsky wrote that in the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine, “part of the reason (Gonzalez) decided to retire and not return to the Falcons next season,” was that Burnett trash talked him with expletives and none of the Falcons defended him. Burnett denied doing that and everyone agreed it would be out of character for Burnett.

We’re missing the bigger picture here.

“(P)art of the reason he decided to retire and not return to the Falcons next season … “

Whoa, what? That Packers-Falcons game was on Dec. 8, by the way. So even though Gonzalez said over and over and over he was at peace with his decision to retire, he needed to be swayed by (allegedly) an opponent berating him on the field in the last month of the season and none of his teammates backing him up? Hmmmm.

And then there was this. In a Pro Football Talk post detailing Gonzalez deciding if Matt Ryan is elite or just excellent (please, make it stop) on ESPN’s “NFL Live,” PFT added that Gonzalez left the door open for a return late in the season “if the Falcons are 9-2 in November.” Presumably, that goes for any team that is 9-2 in November.

Gonzalez is unquestionably the best tight end ever. His numbers are more in line with the greatest wide receivers in NFL history than the best tight ends. Last year he had 83 catches, 859 yards and eight touchdowns at age 37. He’s in remarkable shape and there’s no question he could keep playing if he wanted to.

It wasn’t until mid-February last year that it became apparent Gonzalez was wavering on retirement. And nobody would blame Gonzalez for changing his mind and playing in 2014. It’s hard to walk away from the NFL when you have a lot left to give, no matter your age. And Gonzalez does. Hopefully he does come back. Gonzalez is an all-time great and still one of the best tight ends in the game. He’s fun to watch.

But take a look at these two examples – the supposed trash talking on Dec. 8 helping his decision and already dropping hints about playing for a contender – and you tell me if it sounds like Gonzalez is really at peace with deciding to retire.

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The Fantasy Football Tattoo League makes sure that the losing owner is scarred for life

You think your fantasy football league is tough? Not like these guys it isn’t.

A group of fantasy footballers in Nebraska have come up with quite the inventive league that punishes the last-place finisher, it would seem, as much as it rewards the first-place winner: getting a really, really bad tattoo.

(Roger Goodell, are you listening?)

The tattoo rule is this: If your team finishes dead last in the league, you have to have a tattoo (designed by the other owners) placed on your body in a four-inch-by-four-inch space (that the loser can choose). Some consolation, eh? As you might imagine, the designs aren’t, uhh, flattering.

Case in point, the 2013 loser:

Back in October, three of the owners appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to discuss their inventive methods of fantasy torture.

“The whole purpose of this league was to punish the loser so that everybody played as hard as they can every week,” says one of the entrants.

There are 10 fantasy owners in the league, and the three — Adam, Jordan and Spud — appearing on Leno were the league’s three losers the past few seasons. Here are their tattoos:




Some of their handiwork is quite impressive. Stunning, really.

Field-goal-kicking unicorns? Justin Bieber? Tim Tebow, in the form of a Tebowing Care Bear? Not sure what exactly that is, but great stuff, guys. Really. Bravo.

And they all share the same two-word phrase in common: “Fantasy Loser” and the year they lost. You know, just in case they happen to forget why the tattoo was there in the first place.

Here are the clips from The Tonight Show:

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I’m not sure Microsoft appreciates how much some users hate Windows 8

Windows 8 Hatred Explained
Let’s be clear: I think that Windows 8 is in many ways a good operating system. But it is also a very polarizing one among longtime Windows users and that’s something Microsoft will ignore at its own peril. First, let’s go through Windows 8′s obvious virtues — it runs much more smoothly than earlier versions of Windows, it starts up more quickly and is generally a more stable platform than Windows 7. However, for a sizable chunk of PC users these plusses are outweighed by the giant minus of the big changes Microsoft made to the traditional Windows user interface.

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Audi mulling producing version of Quattro showcar, just not sure which one [w/poll]

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Audi Sport Quattro Concept

Head of design for Audi, Wolfgang Egger, has told Auto Express that a reborn Quattro could enter production, but bosses for the company haven’t yet decided whether to base it on the Sport Quattro concept that just debuted at this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show or the smaller Quattro concept that was revealed at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

While both draw their inspiration from the original Ur-Quattro of the 1980s, they vary wildly in both size and choice of powertrain. The 2010 Quattro concept was based on Volkswagen’s MQB platform, shared with such vehicles as the Golf and Audi A3. The Sport Quattro, meanwhile, was built atop the company’s larger MLB platform that’s used almost exclusively for Audi models, including the A5, which is also a coupe.

Under their hoods, the 2010 Quattro concept simply employs a version of the same 2.5-liter engine used in the TT RS, tuned to deliver 408 horsepower, while the Sport Quattro goes nuclear with a twin-turbo V8 hybrid powertrain that develops 700 hp and 590 pound-feet of torque. Both, of course, employ quattro all-wheel drive just like their forebearer.

As for which one we think Audi will choose if the project gets rubber-stamped for production, there are good arguments on both sides. We’ve heard a limited-edition production version may command Porsche 911-like dollars, or even beyond. The larger, Sport Quattro and its supercar-caliber powertrain would likely require more than R8 money, and a production model based on the smaller, more affordable Quattro concept of 2010 would likely be more in keeping with the mission of the original (not to mention easier to produce).

We’ve actually driven the latter Quattro concept, which you can read about here, so we’re hoping Audi throws us the keys to the Sport Quattro soon. You know, just so we can offer our informed opinion.

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Maurice Jones-Drew wasn’t sure his heart was into training camp with Jacksonville Jaguars

It’s easy to parse an athlete’s words into something they are not. But it’s also a bit surprising and concerning when a competitor as motivated as Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew says he has battled serious doubt during training camp.

Jones-Drew admitted Wednesday that in his comeback from a foot injury that wiped out most of his 2012 season, he struggled to stay motivated.

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“The main part is just staying positive,” he said. “There were a couple days during camp where I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this anymore.’ Once the pain subsides and the soreness goes away you’re ready to roll again and you fought through those first couple weeks. You were all saying I felt great, and I had to lie to myself too and say that as well. Now I feel good and I’m just ready to get out there and play.”

You can understand Jaguars fans getting a little twitchy about this one — as if they don’t have enough to worry about — especially the part about him “lying” to himself. But MJD also is also a noted talker, prone to candor and maybe a little hyperbole, and nowhere in there did he mention retirement the “R word.”

From a fantasy football perspective, owners have had a hard time gauging Jones-Drew’s worth, considering his age and recent injury history. But Jones-Drew also said in that same session with the media that he feels great and will be ready to take on all comers this season, starting with the Chiefs on Sunday. He reports he’ll be ready for as heavy a workload as the Jags are willing to levy on him, which should make a few people more at ease.

Just because a guy suffers doubt in August doesn’t mean he’ll fail in September and beyond.

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Green Bay Packers fans sure to love picture of Golden Tate and replacement ref Lance Easley

Hey Packers fans, remember that game you lost at Seattle last year? You know, the one where the replacement official called a touchdown that should have never been? Seattle Screwjob, Fail Mary, etc.? Yes, yes, figured you would.

And we’re pretty sure you realized at some point that had that game not been stolen from Green Bay, the Packers would have been 12-4 and been rested to host the 11-4-1 49ers in the playoffs. Who knows, maybe Colin Kaepernick wouldn’t have been so fast in single-digit temperatures.

A quick refresher for anyone who might have forgotten: Last season, Seattle trailed Green Bay 12-7 on the last play of the game when Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw a pass into the end zone. Despite Seattle receiver Golden Tate clearly not having control of the ball as he went to the turf, replacement officials (the regular officials were on strike) ruled it a touchdown. It was one of the more infamous blown calls in sports history, and thankfully was the impetus for the NFL to settle with the regular officials.

Well Packers fans, you’ll be thrilled to know that Lance Easley, the replacement ref who made a mockery of the sport by giving Tate that touchdown, is now enjoying his bit of celebrity around Seattle. He even took a smiling picture signaling touchdown with Tate at Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s celebrity softball game, which he umpired.

Fun, right?

Lawyer Milloy took a picture and posted it to Instagram of Easley giving the TD signal with a huge smile on his face. BustedCoverage.com had many pictures from around the Internet of Easley mugging for pictures with Seahawks players and fans. We’re pretty sure Easley wasn’t invited to Donald Driver’s annual softball game in Wisconsin this year, and won’t be invited to have a bratwurst with anyone in the state anytime soon.

So while Packers players, coaches and fans wonder if the worst call in NFL history cost them a chance to go further in the playoffs (could Green Bay off a bye week have beaten San Francisco at home? Atlanta in the NFC title game? Baltimore in the Super Bowl? It certainly can’t be ruled out), this guy is hamming it up with the Seahawks. Oh, and Easley is coming out with a book too, called “Making the Call.” The blown call affected Green Bay’s season, and now Easley is flaunting the mistake and cashing in on that. Fans, outside of Seattle anyway, shouldn’t be too thrilled about Easley backslapping with a team he made a shady call in favor of.

It’s probably safe to say he should avoid any book signings near Green Bay.

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Jets WR Holmes Not Sure If He Will Play In Week One

Jets WR Santonio Holmes’ rehab from a Lisfranc injury has been gradual. He spoke today but offered little certainty for the upcoming season, Mike Vorkunov of the Newark Star-Ledger reports.

Asked if he would be ready for training camp, Holmes responded: “It’s taking one day at a time. I won’t know until it happens.”

And if he would be ready for the Bucs Week 1, Holmes offered “no comment.”

For now, Holmes can say that his rehab has been “great.” But he is limited in all that he does and would not say that he can jog, only that he is restricted to working out.

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Developers gain root access on Google Glass, not yet sure what to do with it

Developers gain root access on Google Glass, not yet sure what to do with it

Access to Google’s Glass headsets is still limited to a lucky few, but that’s more than enough to include several curious coders. Some have had success identifying the hardware contained within, but others are focusing on the software. Cydia founder Jay Freeman posted the above image on Twitter this afternoon to show that he had gained root access on his unit, telling Forbes he relied upon a well-known Android 4.0.4 exploit to take control of its OS. The bad news? He hasn’t been able to use it much yet, since the Explorer edition isn’t quite ready for prescription glasses wearers. For now, the question of whether the same technique will work on eventual retail versions remains unanswered, as well as what it’s actually going to be useful for. Steven Troughton-Smith suggests developers can use it to try out more complicated apps than Google currently allows, including always-on heads-up displays or camera apps. Overcoming any remote deactivation Google may try to enforce or loading your own unauthorized apps are also definite possibilities, though we’re sure others will surface soon.

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Source: Jay Freeman (Twitter), Forbes, 9to5Google

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LT Jake Long Not Sure He Will Stay With The Dolphins

Dr. James Andrews surgically repaired Jake Long‘s torn left triceps this winter, and the Dolphins left tackle says his best years of football are ahead of him as he enters free agency.

The No. 1 overall pick of the 2008 draft won’t say if he’s optimistic those years will be spent in Miami.

“You’ve got to talk to my agent about that one,” Long told Robert Klemko of USA Today. “That’s the business side. I just worry about the football. I know a great deal’s gonna get done one way or the other.”

The Miami Herald reported last month that Long is seeking “at least” $ 10 million per season on his next contract despite finishing his previous two seasons on IR (he tore his biceps in 2011). He says he couldn’t have chosen a better place to rehab than Andrews’ home base.

“I’ve definitely had some injuries over the last couple of years that haven’t been ideal,” says Long, “but I’ve worked through them. I’m getting strong and healthy, and this is the best I’ve felt in a while. I’m excited for the upcoming years.”

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