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Jeep brings quartet of concepts to Beijing to show its Chinese style

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Jeep Renegade Zi You Xia

Jeep is making a big play for the Chinese crossover market at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show. It has a quartet styling concepts for the Renegade, Cherokee and Wrangler that are inspired by Chinese culture at the show.

Among them is the newest member of the Jeep lineup – the Renegade. Its Zi You Xia concept (pictured above) comes from the Mandarin for “rebel,” and it’s painted in Warm Chocolate Gray with Dark Anodized Bronze trim, including the 20-inch wheels. The roof, grille surround, and mirror caps are done in a complimentary Dark Charcoal color as an accent. The interior is a mix of dark brown leather and Anodized Copper trim. This is one swanky compact crossover.

The Cherokee Sageland and Urbane concepts are meant to show to different sides of Chinese style. With inspiration from the Shangri-La Region, the Sageland has Ivory Pearl tri-coat paint with bronze trim on the outside, and the interior is covered in Gray Nappa leather with red and blue stitching. The Urbane’s look comes from the nightlife in the country’s cities. The exterior is a color called Maximum Steel with Hyper Black trim. Inside, it combines Piano Black trim with dark red leather seats.

Finally, there is the Wrangler Sundancer concept that wears tri-coat Chocolate Brown metallic paint with gold accents, bronze fender flares and bronze-tinted glass. For an added dose of style, the front and rear bumpers are fitted with LED lights, and it rides on 20-inch pale gold wheels with polished gold inserts. Almost the entire interior is covered in Berry Baltique leather, which has a very red tone of brown, with pale gold trim.

Jeep didn’t go into specific detail about the powertrains for any of the concepts. However, that makes sense because they show off more of what the brand can do with its styling than any performance advantages. Scroll down to read about all four of them in the official release.

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Jerry Jones’ Cowboys keep missing the playoffs, but brags about being a popular TV show

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones cannot brag about his team’s recent success in the playoffs, so he had to boast about something.

On second thought, he really could have kept those thoughts to himself.

Jones recently held a press conference to announce AT&T Stadium will host the 50th annual Academy of Country Music awards next April. Instead of just bragging about the beautiful stadium, or everything Dallas has to offer, Jones made a horrible analogy involving his football team.

“As you know, the Cowboys have not gone to the playoffs in several years,” Jones said (via The Dallas Morning News). “We have not gone, yet we’re the most popular TV show there is on television. We lead all teams in TV ratings. We lead, 24 of the last top 25 shows were NFL games, and any time your Cowboys play they’re up there at the top and leading. Now, what causes that? What causes that is creating some aura, creating some excitement. We want to use that as best we can to make this award show the greatest ever.”

That observation should do wonders for season ticket sales.

There is a difference between being popular and good. A random search on YouTube will produce several popular videos, but that does not mean it is quality entertainment.

Jones also does not realize many people enjoying watching Dallas because of its annual collapse. Dallas has finished 8-8 the past three seasons, while quarterback Tony Romo’s record in December is 14-19.

Dallas may be a popular team, but Jones should be uncomfortable settling for that insignificant accolade.

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Anwar S Richardson is a writer for Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at NFLAnwar@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter!

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Toyota to show off 4 Le Mans cars at 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Toyota Le Mans

Toyota fans, Le Mans fans and Goodwood Festival of Speed fans are all getting seriously excited about this year’s vent, after Toyota announced that they will be showcasing 4 of their Le Mans cars at the festival.

One of the main attractions at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, which takes place from the 26th to the 29th of June, will be Toyota’s amazing display of 4 (yes, four) Le Mans cars that they have raced over 2 decades. 

The very first, original Toyota TS010 will see the light (and adorning fans) once more. This was Toyota’s Le Mans car that raced way back during the 1992/1993 season.

Also on display, right next to it’s older sibling, will be the TS010′s replacement – the Toyota TS020. This model is also referred to as the Toyota GT-One, and was the official Toyota Le Mans car during the 1998/1999 season.

Of course, Toyota won’t be able to showcase a Le Mans display without their most successful Le Mans car.

This is the Toyota TS030 Hybrid- or as some like to call it, their ‘comeback car’. The TS030 Hybrid started it’s racing journey in 2012. After two seasons of impeccable racing, the TSo30 Hybrid obtained 5 victories, 10 podium finishes and 5 pole positions.

And, the ultimate show-off at this year’s festival will be the all new, all amazing Toyota TS040 Hybrid – Toyota’s latest Le Mans offering which will make it’s official debut at the festival.

To say that this display will draw a lot of attention would be an understatement. We can definitely say that we are very much looking forward to this! Well played, Toyota.

Source: GTSpirit

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Ravens receiver Steve Smith gets pulled over during radio show, and it’s hilarious

The newest Raven hasn’t taken long to make his presence felt. Steve Smith has joined the team after being released by the Carolina Panthers, and he has been humble, deferential and excited about the possibilities of this next phase of his career.

He also has shown he’s a pretty interesting and entertaining guy, despite the reputation he carries with some about being an uncontrollable hot head. That’s just nowhere near the whole picture of Smith.

Joining Dan LeBatard’s ESPN Radio show, Smith is in the midst of answering a question about players he doesn’t like in the NFL — dang it! — he is pulled over by the cops. It’s about 1:24 into the video. Pretty funny transcript, if you ask me:

Smith: “Oh … see, you guys got me in trouble. I’m getting pulled over by the police.”

Le Batard: “Right now? While we are talking to you?”

Smith: “Yep.”

Le Batard: “Were you speeding?”

Smith: “No, I’m not speeding. I guess I’m on my cellphone. … How about I keep you on hold while I go through the procedure?”

Le Batard: “And you’ll tell us about it when you come back?”

Smith: “Yep.”

Co-host Bomani Jones suggests at this point that it’s possible that Smith was pulled over for something other than a cell phone. “Sounds like a man his height, driving a car that nice, they don’t believe it’s his,” Jones says. After about three minutes, Smith is back at around the 4:30 mark. Turns out, Jones was right about this much: The cell phone was not the reason why Smith was pulled over. 

Dan Le Batard: “You must have gotten out of the ticket if you’re back that fast, right?”

Smith: “Hey, when you don’t have any warrants or prior arrests, you know, it goes a long way with being a good citizen.”

Co-host Jon “Stugotz” Weiner: “Did you drop the Steve Smith card at all?”

Smith: “No I didn’t. My ID does that.”

They all belly laugh.

Weiner: “Does your ID say ‘NFL wide receiver’? Is the cop a football fan?”

Smith: “No, my ID is cleared as no priors, so I was good.”

Dan Le Batard: “What did you get in trouble for? Being on the cellphone?”

Smith: “Nah, you know. Uhh, hey, a brother driving a nice car … you know, sometimes they got to make sure … it all matches up.”

Jones couldn’t help later on Twitter but to be amazed at what Smith has become in the NFL, despite two prior fights with teammates that easily could have derailed his career.

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Eric Edholm is a writer for Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at edholm@yahoo-inc.com or follow him on Twitter!

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The 2014 Geneva Auto Show [Video]


Finally – the video we have all been waiting for!

Our favorite car-guy and all round petrol head, Chris Harris, obviously visited the prestigious Geneva Auto Show last week, and we have to say, we are pretty excited to see what Chris has to say about some of the amazing (and some not so amazing) debuts, concepts and other wonderful vehicles on show in Geneva.

With his witty humor and wonderful expertise, Chris takes us through some of the best bits of the Auto show. seeing as though we could not attend the Geneva Auto Show, this is about as close as it’s going to get for us. But we’re not complaining – the video makes up for that.

So without mumbling on any further, check out Chris Harris’ experience at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show below:

Source: YouTube

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Rapper Tyler, The Creator, played sold-out show after being released from jail on riot charge

Rapper Tyler, the Creator, played a sold-out show in Dallas just hours after being released from jail in connection with a misdemeanor charge of inciting a riot.
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