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Former Apple engineer tells story of how he created iPhone’s famous ‘Tri-tone’ text alert

iPhone Tri-tone Alert History
For the few years following Apple’s first-generation iPhone debut in 2007, it seemed almost impossible to avoid a chorus of “Tri-tone” iPhone text alerts at every turn. The tone still seems to pop up all the time in public, and while it’s easy to take something as simple as a ringtone for granted, it’s also quite interesting to get the back story on one of the iPhone’s two most famous tones. Former Apple engineer Kelly Jacklin recently published a piece on his site that gives the public its first ever look at exactly how the famous Tri-tone alert came to be. The tone’s development dates all the way back to before Apple’s 2000 acquisition of SoundJam MP (which would later become iTunes) when Jacklin was approached by one of SoundJam MP’s co-founders to create an audio alert that would let users know when a CD had finished burning. The rest, as they say, is history. Jacklin’s account, which is linked below, is a great read — and as an added bonus, he includes a sampling of several other tones he created that didn’t make the cut.

iPhone’s market share in China falls to just 5%

iPhone China Market Share
Tim Cook’s talks with China Mobile have just taken on some more urgency. Bloomberg reports that research firm Canalys has just found that the iPhone’s market share fell to just 5% in China in the second quarter of 2013, down from 9% in Q2 2012. Nicole Peng, Canalys’s China research director, tells Bloomberg that Apple is getting walloped by low-cost Android phones being pushed by vendors such as Lenovo, ZTE and Xiaomi, which have all been peddling dirt-cheap smartphones with surprisingly strong specifications.

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Woman buys two iPhones for $1,300, gets only apples (really)

Apples to Apples?

(Credit: Depression Cooking/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

The depths which humanity can plumb would fit a whole synchronized swimming team, each member standing on the next’s shoulders.

This is just one more piece of evidence.

Please imagine the essential goodness of a woman in Australia who went onto the classifieds Web site Gumtree, in search of a couple of iPhones.

As the Herald Sun reports, the core of an agreement was reached between the woman and another woman who called her on seeing the ad.

They arranged to meet at a McDonald’s in the Sunnybank suburb of Brisbane.

All went very well. The buyer handed over 1,500 Australian dollars (around US $ 1,336). In return, she got two shiny new iPhones still in their shiny new boxes.

At least, that’s what she thought.

But in the latest tale of trusting buyers who should have caveated before being an emptor, when she opened the boxes all that was inside were two apples. One in each box.

Yes, these boxes were all natural logo and no gadget. The seller had been rotten to her pips.

Though some might wonder what special care the seller must have taken to fit two apples p… [Read more]

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US government vetoes ITC ban on some AT&T-compatible iPhones and iPads

Remember that ITC ban on the import, sale and distribution of some AT&T-compatible iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, iPad 3G iPad 2 3G models Samsung won in June? Irving A. Williamson, Chairman of the U.S. International Trade Commission, has officially vetoed the ruling. In a memo to the ITC, he explains that the descision considers the ban’s “effect on competitive conditions in the U.S. economy and the effect on U.S. consumers.” If you’ll recall, the case focused on patent 7,706,348 for encoding mobile communications, which Samsung claimed the aforementioned devices infringed upon. Williamson notes that despite his decision on the ruling, Samsung will still be able to “pursue its rights through the courts” (i.e. monetary compensation, etc.).



Via: WSJ, 9to5Mac

Source: United States Trade Representative

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Carrier-backed payments service Isis expanding nationwide, will work with iPhones

This post was updated at 11:18 a.m. PT to clarify that Isis will stick with NFC for payments, embedded in devices or in removable phone sleeves.

The U.S. carrier-backed Isis mobile payment service, which is still only in a couple U.S. markets, has announced two big things: it plans to expand to nationwide coverage by the end of the year and the service will work on Apple’s smartphones. The near-field communications-based service has so far only been accessible to Android smartphones — and Apple, notably, does not make products that use NFC.

Isis is off to an extremely rocky and slow start on its mission to give mobile carriers a piece of the mobile payments pie. And in order to expand to the many smartphones that don’t have NFC chips embedded in them, the service will offer cases that are loaded with NFC chips inside that can register payments with a mobile device in physical stores.

Here’s what an Isis exec told Bloomberg, with few details about when this expansion will take place:

“What you’ll see coming from us is a vastly improved product, a variety of new places to use it, a vastly improved user experience,” Ryan Hughes, chief marketing officer at New York-based Isis, said in an interview.

The iPhone isn’t the only newcomer: the joint effort by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will also work with Windows Mobile devices and BlackBerry phones.

While Isis has slowly expanded to a couple places since its debut last fall — Austin and Salt Lake City — it says it will be available everywhere in the U.S. by the end of this year. A couple thousand businesses are currently offering it and Isis reports that there are up to 10 transactions per month per Android customer using the service.

Meanwhile, Google, which has also tried to make NFC payments happen, has been having a really hard time with its own Google Wallet service. But apps and services that have opted not to confine themselves to NFC for mobile transactions, like Square and LevelUp, have been growing.

The biggest success story has been Starbucks though: it processes 3 million transactions a week in its U.S. stores. The Starbucks app, which is available on a variety of mobile platforms, including the iPhone, doesn’t use any kind of fancy payments system, which may be its best feature. All it takes is a simple barcode scanner to accept payment via preloaded gift cards.

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Samsung wins ITC ban of AT&T compatible iPhones and iPads due to patent infringement

Samsung got a big win in the International Trade Commission today, as the ITC handed down a final ruling finding that several models of AT&T-compatible iPhones and iPads infringe a Samsung patent, and issued an exclusion order preventing them from being sold.


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Source: ITC [PDF]

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Apple agrees to $53 million settlement for some iPhones, iPods denied warranty coverage


Documents have been filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California for a $ 53 million settlement between Apple and customers denied warranty coverage on their iPods and iPhones due to water damage. The case is due to Apple’s policy not to extend warranty coverage on devices where the indicator tape inside them showed exposure to liquids, however plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit argued the indicator could change color due to moisture or humidity. Apple does not acknowledge any wrongdoing in the settlement, which is still awaiting approval from the court, however customers with warranty claims denied prior to June 2010 (iPod touch) or December 31st, 2009 could be eligible for as much as $ 300 depending on the device owned and how many claims are filed. The scenario the plaintiffs cite is just the kind of thing we worried about back in 2006, and will probably remain in the back of our minds if we need to have any of our hardware serviced in the future no matter how much Apple and others work on more advanced detection systems.

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Via: Phone Arena, CNET

Source: Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Wired

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Curved Apple batteries could pave way for thinner iPhones, iWatch

Apple Curved Battery Patent
In Apple’s seemingly endless quest to make its products lighter and thinner, the company may have come up with a clever way to save space in future versions of the iPhone and iPad: by using curved batteries that nestle more comfortably into its devices’ contours. AppleInsider has found a pair of Apple patent filings that describe “curved battery cells for portable electronic devices” and “non-rectangular batteries for portable electronic devices” that the publication speculates could be used in future iPads and iPhones.

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Apple posts $9.5 billion net profit in Q2 2013: sells 19.5 million iPads, 37.4 million iPhones

Apple posts Q2 2013 Earnings

Apple has been on a roll for, well, almost as long as we can remember. Basically since the debut of the iMac, the company has been riding a rocketship back from brink of irrelevance. The iPod, iPhone and iPad have all led it to post record quarter, after record quarter, after record quarter. Now we’re in the second quarter of financial year 2013 and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down much. The company posted $ 43.6 billion in revenue during the quarter and net itself a handsome profit of $ 9.5 billion. While those numbers do represent the slowest rate of growth Cupertino has seen in years, it’s hardly the fall from grace that some analysts were predicting. Compared to the same time last year, revenues are up from $ 39.2 billion though net income has dropped from the Q2 2012 mark of $ 11.6 billion.


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Silverline puts iPhones, apps in seniors’ hands

A helping hand for seniors?

(Credit: Silverline Mobile)

Here’s a crowdfunding project with a twist: instead of pledging a certain amount to buy a new gadget for yourself, an underserved senior citizen will receive said product instead.

The project in question is Silverline, which is seeking funding on Indiegogo to equip senior citizens with smartphones preloaded with essential apps.

Silverline Mobile’s Singapore-based creators, Jason Aspes and Lilin Phng, have developed senior-friendly iOS apps that provide useful information and keep them connected to loved ones. The five apps that have already been developed are:

  • Discover: Snap automatically geotagged photos and add captions to document activities for the day.
  • Well Being: Reminders to drink water, take medication and watch videos for health tips.
  • Inspire: News stories delivered in the form of text, images and videos.
  • Connect: Tap a contact’s photo to call him/her immediately.
  • Emergency: Tap simple icons to call for emergency assistance.

A screenshot of the Connect app.

(Credit: Silverline Mobile) If you pledge $ 79, an underserved senior citizen will get a refurbished iPhone 3GS with the Silverli… [Read more]

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