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Apple reportedly looks to integrate Shazam into Siri

Apple(appl) is working with Shazam to integrate song identification into an upcoming iOS update, according to a report in Bloomberg.

Shazam’s app, which is available for Android as well as iOS, uses a device’s onboard microphone to record sound and match it against a database, returning the name of the song and artist. If Apple integrates it with iOS, we can expect similar functionality built into Apple services like Siri and iTunes Radio. According to the report, Siri will gain the ability to answer questions like “What song is playing?” Shazam’s app already has excellent iTunes integration — after identifying the song, the most prominent link on screen is to the iTunes store.

Although Shazam was an early iOS hit and has been a featured app on iTunes in the past, it has never been higher than the 13th most downloaded iPhone app. If it were to be integrated into iOS, there would be a good number of users who might discover the addictive ability to identify previously unknown music.

In December, Shazam added automatic TV show and music recognition to its app, which allowed users to keep Shazam running in the background while it identifies songs playing on a stereo or shows on television. Shazam has also tried to position its app as a sort of audio-based QR code reader for television advertising: during the most recent Super Bowl, users could Shazam a Bud Light advertisement and gain access to a limited download of Afrojack’s single “Ten Feet Tall.”


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Galaxy S5 sales have reportedly already climbed into the millions

Galaxy S5 Sales

Will the Galaxy S5 find huge success and erase any memory of the S4′s lackluster sales performance last year? It’s far too early to know for certain, of course, but a new report suggests that Samsung’s latest flagship phone is off to an impressive start, with launch-day sales that not only topped last year’s Galaxy S4, but even doubled S4 sales in some markets.

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Alex Mack offer sheet brings Cleveland’s transition tag gamble into question

The Jacksonville Jaguars exposed the risk that the Cleveland Browns took when they gave center Alex Mack the seldom-used transition tag, not the franchise tag.

The Jaguars will sign Mack to a huge five-year, $ 42 million offer sheet, according to a report from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. That is expected to be executed officially on Friday. Cleveland has five days to match, and all indications are the Browns will match it and retain Mack.

Part of that is they are stuck in the corner with little choice.

The transition tag works similarly to the franchise tag with one major difference: There’s no compensation in return if a player signs with another team. If Mack was under the franchise tag and the Jaguars signed him to that offer sheet, the Browns would probably have let him walk, and wouldn’t have been too upset with how it turned out for them. And it’s safe to say Jacksonville wouldn’t have risked signing Mack to that much money and also run the risk of losing a draft pick if he was franchise tagged. As it stands with the transition tag, the Browns either make Mack the highest-paid center in the game on a per-year basis or lose one of their better young players for nothing and look foolish for not franchising him.

Sporting News’ Ross Tucker, a good football analyst and a former NFL offensive lineman, said he wouldn’t give any center $ 10 million a year. Mack won’t get quite that but it’s close. And the contract is just $ 18 million over the first two years, so the Jaguars didn’t put the Browns in a position where they would be crazy to match a comically front-loaded contract. Cleveland can justify matching the deal for Mack. If it’s overpaying a bit because the Jaguars put them in a corner vs. losing one of the best centers in football for nothing, the Browns obviously will choose the former.

The Browns’ foray into the transition tag world shows why teams don’t use it much. It seemed like a decent idea at the time, a way for Cleveland to get a tangible read on the market for Mack and decide whether to keep him. But it takes only one team to make it a high-risk endeavor. Jacksonville was that team, and now Cleveland has to pay up.

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Star Wars D-Tech Me 3D prints fans into stormtroopers and more

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Kim Dotcom gets into politics with launch of an ‘Internet Party’ in New Zealand

While he’s still considered to be a dangerous internet pirate by the world’s law enforcement agencies, Kim Dotcom is using his notoriety to branch off into politics. With the emphatic tagline “this is going to be awesome,” the giant German today…
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Maserati offers peek into Alfieri concept’s design

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Maserati Alfieri design

This year marks Maserati’s hundredth anniversary, which means we’ll be spending the rest of 2014 talking about all the company’s planned celebrations. The Alfieri Concept, shown at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, though, is quite possibly the most noteworthy part of the brand’s centennial.

Named after one of the company’s founder, Alfieri Maserati, the coupe is a striking piece of design, although it did manage to fall short of earning a spot on our editors’ choice list for the Geneva show (we blame this more on the number of exciting products at the show rather than any shortcoming of the showcar).

In this video, Maserati Centro Stile designers take us through the process of penning the Alfieri, from the car it was inspired by, on to the actual process of designing the car. Fans of automotive design won’t want to miss this video. Take a look below.

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WhatsApp cofounder: Facebook won’t turn us into Soviet-style spy tool

WhatsApp Facebook Merger Data Privacy

We’re starting to get the feeling that WhatsApp really is getting some serious blowback from its user base after getting acquired by Facebook because its cofounder has come out with a lengthy statement once again reiterating that nothing will change in terms of user privacy once it’s under Facebook’s control.

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