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Google patent lawyer to head US patent office, address patent wars

Patent reform could well be on its way. Last week the US House passed the “Innovation Act”, a bill that would make it harder to win overly broad patents and force claimants to present more detailed evidence when suing for infringement. That bill awaits the Senate. This week, it was revealed that former Google top […]

Google kills ‘accidental’ Android feature that kept user data private

Google Data Privacy Feature Removed
Sorry, Android users — Google isn’t going that extra mile to help you keep your data private after all. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, just one day after praising Google for adding “awesome” privacy tools to Android 4.3, has found that Google has actually removed one of those key features in a subsequent update. When asked by the EFF why the feature had been removed, Google only said that it had been put there accidentally and wasn’t supposed to be part of Android 4.3.

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Google acquires Boston Dynamics, the robot builder behind Big Dog and Cheetah

The New York Times reports tonight that Google has acquired Boston Dynamics, builder of terrifying walking robots DARPA-related projects like WildCat/Cheetah, Atlas, Petman and Big Dog. Andy Rubin has moved over from leading Android to directing …
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Google says Android app permission manager was released by mistake, removes it from latest update

Remember that “Apps Ops” feature Google snuck into Android 4.3? The company seems to have changed its mind. The feature was originally hidden, but when activated with a third party app it gave users the ability to pick and choose what data apps have …
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Google Maps Navigation for Android makes its way to 25 more countries

Eager to go on a driving trip to an exotic locale? You’ll be glad to hear that Google Maps Navigation is now available in 25 more countries. Most of the additions are in Africa, including Libya, Somalia and Tunisia. The rest of the coverage is …
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Google launches Tips to help you get more out of Gmail and its other services

Though we’re sure Google tries to keep its products like Now and Docs as easy to use as possible, who has the time to learn every single feature? That’s likely why Google just launched Tips, a site that uses its info card trope to help you dive more …
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Google reportedly contemplating designing and using its own chips

In what could end up being a blow to Intel, Google is contemplating both designing and using its own server processors, according to a source who spoke to the folks at Bloomberg. There would be several benefits for the Internet giant if it decides to undertake such efforts, particularly the control offered over the crossroads […]

Google may not skate in antitrust probe after all

Google EU Antitrust Probe

Just two months ago, Google looked poised to skate free in the European Union’s antitrust probe into whether the search giant was unfairly favoring its own sites and services in its search results. The Wall Street Journal reports, however, that EU officials may scrap their proposed settlement with Google after rival tech companies and consumer groups blasted the deal for not going nearly far enough to restrict Google’s powers to unfairly hurt its competitors. If the EU’s antitrust officials can’t come up with a settlement that finds favor with both Google and its rivals then it could issue a formal complaint that the Journal says would end up “unleashing a legal process that could culminate in large fines for the U.S.-based company.”


Google Hangouts app update tweaks texts and group messaging

Since Google bundling text messages into Hangouts, it’s had its share of quirks, and the Android app’s latest update addresses a few of them. If you were aggravated by the application converting group messages to MMS by default (and the possible …
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Google now lets photographers create own Street View tours

Personalized Street View tour.

(Credit: Google)

Google has launched a new feature that puts you behind the wheel of Street View.

Well, Google doesn’t literally give you the keys to one of its camera-rigged vehicles, but the Web giant is now letting photographers create personalized Street View experiences that can be shared with others. Google suggested in a company blog post Monday announcing the new feature that the tool could be used to share special hiking trails or create virtual tours of a local shop.

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