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Google Hangouts app update tweaks texts and group messaging

Since Google bundling text messages into Hangouts, it’s had its share of quirks, and the Android app’s latest update addresses a few of them. If you were aggravated by the application converting group messages to MMS by default (and the possible …
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Google now lets photographers create own Street View tours

Personalized Street View tour.

(Credit: Google)

Google has launched a new feature that puts you behind the wheel of Street View.

Well, Google doesn’t literally give you the keys to one of its camera-rigged vehicles, but the Web giant is now letting photographers create personalized Street View experiences that can be shared with others. Google suggested in a company blog post Monday announcing the new feature that the tool could be used to share special hiking trails or create virtual tours of a local shop.

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The new feature, part of the Views community Google launched this summer[Read more]

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Google Glass might soon be banned for Illinois drivers

Google Glass Driver Ban
As soon as the first Google Glass Explorer was ticketed for driving under the influence of augmented reality, we were primed for the inevitable fallout. According to the Daily HeraldIllinois is already taking steps to outlaw Google Glass in motor vehicles. Illinois State Senator Ira Silverstein filed a bill last week to ban drivers from wearing Google’s wearable device, following New Jersey, Delaware and West Virginia, where legislators have also introduced bills to the same effect. 

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Microsoft and Google lead coalition demanding limits on government surveillance

In October, the tech industry’s biggest companies petitioned congress to reform the US Government’s surveillance policies. Now, the firms are taking their pleas global. Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo and AOL (Engadget’s parent …
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HP Chromebook 11 charger appears in Google Play store

The HP Chromebook 11 that was officially announced in October but suddenly pulled from shelves in November has begun slipping back into our field of vision. A replacement charger for its overheating-prone battery charger has appeared in the Google Play store. This could signal an imminent return of the machine as a whole. The charger […]

Beyond Chromecast: Google reportedly prepares ‘Nexus TV’ set-top box

Google Nexus TV Set-Top Box Release Date
Chromecast is a nifty way to get your web browser and other key TV apps onto your big-screen television but Google’s ambitions for the living room apparently go deeper. The Verge relays us the latest report from The Information that claims Google is working on something called Nexus TV, which will be its own Apple TV-style set-top box that it will release sometime in 2014. Like Chromecast, the Android-based set-top box will let users play content from Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube and it will also apparently give users access to select video games as well. There’s no information on pricing for the device yet but The Information’s source says that it should be ready for release in the first half of 2014.

FBI hunts terror suspect through malware, Yahoo, Google

The FBI has been using malware as a means to hunt down certain suspects, as exemplified in the case of a man who has been making bomb threats since June 2012, reports the Washington Post. Some of the malware was a surveillance program planted onto the suspect’s computer when he signed into his Yahoo account, […]

Google pushes campaign to end warrantless email snooping

Google Email Surveillance Warrant Campaign
Law enforcement officials legally need to get search warrants when they tap your phone or read your mail but they face no such restrictions on a federal level when it comes to electronic communications. With this in mind, both Google and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have started banging the drum for a campaign aimed at pressuring lawmakers to amend the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) to make law enforcement officials get court-issued warrants before snooping on suspects’ email. Google and the EFF are both part of a larger coalition of companies that are urging an overhaul of the ECPA, including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

Google Play Music All Access gets Handy in Germany

Germany’s something of a latecomer to Google’s Play Music All Access party (that name, we know!). The country that made David Hasselhoff a venerable pop star was conspicuously absent from the Google music service’s many European roll outs. Not now, …
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Google simplifies sharing and adds microSD storage to Play Music on Android

Fresh off its world tour, Google Play Music is making it easier to store, shuffle and share your mobile tunes. For starters, Mountain View’s music streaming-and-locker service now lets KitKat users with SD-equipped handsets put cached tracks on their …
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