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Top 10 Worst NFL Free Agent Signings Of All-Time

David Boston

Fans and teams alike start to drool when free agency kicks off in the NFL. Teams begin to feel the delight when they are able to sign a player that they think will make their team into a title contender.

Too many times though, those signings do nothing but backfire, and teams are left with egg on their face with players making WAY too much money and doing nothing worth it on the field.

Today we give our ‘Top 10′ when it comes to awful free agent signings – so sit back and get ready to relive the “Top 10 Worst NFL Free Agent Signings Of All-Time.”

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Glasshole heaven: Hotel offers free drink if you wear Glass

Give that woman a free drink.

(Credit: Google/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Being seen in public wearing Google Glass is a statement.

Some, though, see it as a statement that you are tone-deaf, socially blind, and congenitally self-righteous.

Casinos have banned it and one Seattle restaurant owner described Google Glass wearers as “man children stinkin’ up the joint.

But now one joint has come to Glassholes’ rescue. As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, the Stanford Court, in San Francisco’s snooty Nob Hill, is welcoming Glass wearers.

Indeed, it’s not just opening its arms. It’s opening its pockets, by offering a free cocktail to anyone who DOES wear Glass in its Aurea Lounge.

Naturally, there’s an element of brown-nosing to the monied. A hotel spokesperson told the Chronicle: “The complimentary drink is geared toward the local tech crowd who own a pair, and might feel like an outcast or nuisance due to the recent string of negative press. [We] want them to feel at home.”

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Daily Roundup: 8GB iPhone 5c rumor, Microsoft OneNote goes free, and more

You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workday, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Daily Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past 24 hours — all…
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Torrent front end Popcorn Time made streaming movies free and easy, so of course it’s gone

For about four days “Popcorn Time” lived, opening an easy-access door to streaming movies via torrents, but now it’s gone. Aggregating info from APIs (YIFY for torrents, OpenSubtitles for subs and TheMovieDB for metadata) its developers quickly…
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Patriots allow Julian Edelman to test free agency before re-signing the receiver

The New England Patriots perfectly played their negotiations with receiver Julian Edelman this offseason.

New England offered Edelman a contract before free agency, but he wanted to test the market. The Patriots did not overreact. They watched Edelman hit free agency, and he visited San Francisco on Friday. When the smoke cleared, Edelman decided to remain in New England.

Edelman agreed to terms on a new contract on Saturday. Terms of Edelman’s deal are currently unknown.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has to be happier than Edelman to hear the news.

Edelman, a seventh-round pick by New England in 2009, emerged at Brady’s top weapon as Rob Gronkowski battled injuries last season. He had 105 receptions for 1,056 yards and six touchdowns last season.

New England receiver Danny Amendola should be very concerned about Edelman’s signing. Amendola struggled to stay healthy last season, and there were rumors New England wanted to trade him recently. New England is optimistic Aaron Dobson and Kenbrell Thompkins will improve in 2014, and with Edelman under contract, Amendola’s future in New England appears unlikely.

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Anwar S Richardson is a writer for Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at NFLAnwar@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter!

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10,000 free folding microscopes traded for inspiring ideas

(Credit: Prakash Lab/TED)

The Foldscope — a low-cost microscope that can be constructed like origami out of a sheet of paper with components embedded — has the potential to revolutionize health care in developing countries — but it has the potential to do something else, too.

Creator Manu Prakash of Stanford University’s Prakash Lab wants to inspire a new generation of up-and-coming young scientists. To this end, he has created the Ten Thousand Microscope Project. Prakash will be giving away 10,000 Foldscopes to “people who would like to test the microscopes in a variety of settings and help us generate an open-source biology/microscopy field manual written by people from all walks of life.”

(Credit: Prakash Lab/TED)

“Many children around the world have never used a microscope, even in developed countries like the United States,” Prakash said. “A universal program providing a microscope for every child could foster deep interest in science at an early age.”

The idea is to create a guide that will show examples of how to use the microscope, collated from the f… [Read more]

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Shutdown Corner podcast 50: On pie, sandwiches and big-ticket free agents

Take a breath, everybody. We made it through the first wave of free agency. Think about how much better your team is now than it was a week ago. (Unless your team is the Oakland Raiders, in which case: drink.) We discuss the players who have shifted teams, including DeMarcus Ware, Darren Sproles, and Darrelle Revis. We discuss the teams who have taken steps forward, and those who have taken steps back. And we discuss John Elway, who may be brilliant, insane, or both.

And because this is the offseason, we bookend this with talk of pie and disgusting sandwiches on the front end, and Vegas betting on the back end.

The Shutdown Corner podcast is the product of Kevin Kaduk, Frank Schwab and Jay Busbee. You can listen to this episode by clicking here. If you’d like to subscribe, and we heartily recommend you do, go to the iTunes page right here. (The non-iTunes link to subscribe is here.) It’s all free, don’t cost nothin’. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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Plex Chromecast support free from Beta

This week the folks behind the media streaming app ecosystem Plex have announced that they’re finally out of Beta with Chromecast support. They’ve been testing Chromecast for several weeks now, … Continue reading

NFL free agency is usually for losers, but six playoffs teams signed some big names

When NFL teams are finally allowed to sign veteran players in March, one statement usually applies to the first day of activity: Free agency is for losers.

The majority of teams active when free agency begins are usually organizations fresh off a losing season. Those teams generally whiffed on a player in a previous draft, and free agency was the easiest way to correct that mistake. Winning franchises, such as New England and Green Bay, are not known for signing free agents, and most organizations prefer to maintain their success through the NFL draft.

That was not the case this year.

Six playoff teams from 2013 added new players to their roster on the first day of free agency, including some huge contracts. It is not uncommon for teams to re-sign their own players, but adding new faces on day one of free agency is usually not the norm.

Here are the teams that were active:

Denver – signed cornerback Aqib Talib (Patriots), safety T.J. Ward (Browns) for a combined $ 80 million, and the Broncos are reportedly the front-runnes for former Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware.

San Francisco – traded for quarterback Blaine Gabbert (Jaguars) and offensive tackle Jonathan Martin (Dolphins), and signed safety Antoine Bethea (Colts) to a $ 26 million deal.

New Orleans – signed safety Jairus Byrd (Bills) to a six-year deal that included $ 28 million guaranteed, the most guaranteed money any free agent received on Tuesday.

Philadelphia – signed safety Malcolm Jenkins (Saints) to a three-year, $ 16.25 million deal. Also signed safety Chris Maragos (Seahawks) on Wednesday.

San Diego – signed running back Donald Brown (Colts) to a three-year, $ 10.5 million deal.

Indianapolis – signed defensive end Arthur Jones (Ravens) to a five-year, $ 30 million contract with $ 16 million guaranteed.

In addition, Seattle is hosting former Packers tight end Jermichael Finley, as the reigning Super Bowl champions join the list of playoff teams actively looking for an upgrade during the early stages of free agency.

Denver’s John Elway is leading the charge in this aggressive approach. He is one of the few successful general managers to embrace free agency.

A huge part of the Broncos’ AFC championship team was built through free agency. Elway rolled out the red carpet to obtain Peyton Manning two years ago. He has also signed Wes Welker, Shaun Phillips, Terrance Knighton, Joel Dreesen, Kevin Vickerson and Louis Vasquez in free agency.

Seeing six playoff teams sign new players, many to large deals, suggests the first day of free agency is no longer a place to watch Cleveland and Oakland make bad decisions. Still, the top teams will always have a high priority on re-signing their own. 

Seattle’s biggest offseason priority was re-signing defensive end Michael Bennett, which occurred prior to free agency. Indianapolis re-signed cornerback Vontae Davis, Philadelphia re-signed receivers Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin, while Saints tight end Jimmy Graham and Carolina defensive end Greg Hardy were franchise tagged by their teams.

Once free agency slows down, NFL teams will continue building a foundation through the draft. Then teams will fill their remaining holes during the second wave of free agency.

Nevertheless, the first day of free agency proved one thing.

It is not just for losers.

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Anwar S Richardson is a writer for Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at NFLAnwar@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter!

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Free Agency Day One Winners and Losers: Rodger Saffold hits the jackpot

We spent weeks talking about the free agents who would hit the market on Tuesday. Jairus Byrd and Eugene Monroe and Branden Albert and Michael Bennett and Eric Decker and on and on and on.

Rodger Saffold was mentioned too, but never as one of the top guys. Did you even know how he was before Tuesday? (Hint: He was a Rams offensive lineman.)  But Saffold beat almost every free agent in one very important area: Guaranteed money.

Nobody was really surprised when players like Michael Johnson, Aqib Talib, Byrd and Albert got more than $ 20 million in guarantees. Not sure anyone figured on Saffold joining that club with a five-year, $ 42.5 million deal with $ 21 million guaranteed from the Oakland Raiders.

Yes, Rodger Saffold.

Saffold moved from tackle to guard during his Rams career (that’s usually not a great sign) and there were reports that the Raiders want him to play guard, which seems insane for that money. Either way, Saffold cashed in. We’ll see if he lives up to that deal. But on Tuesday, he was an enormous winner.

Here are the other winners and losers from a crazy first day of NFL free agency:


Denver Broncos: You have to respect GM John Elway’s aggressive nature. He knows the championship window closes when Peyton Manning calls it a career, and future consequences be damned, he’s going for the ring now.

Denver, coming off a Super Bowl loss, made two enormous signings and appear set to make a third. The first two were in the secondary. Safety T.J. Ward, an impact player from Cleveland, signed for $ 23 million. Then the big bombshell: Cornerback Aqib Talib, formerly of the Patriots, for $ 57 million. Nobody saw that coming. The Broncos also emerged as the front-runners for pass rusher DeMarcus Ware, cut by Dallas. Ware has a visit to Denver scheduled, and usually that’s the first step toward a contract. Ware and Von Miller, if healthy, would make a devastating pass-rush duo.

How will Denver pay for all this? Ask again in a couple years when they’re stuck in a salary-cap mess. But if the Broncos can win a Super Bowl before then? Nobody will say it wasn’t worth it.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The decision to dump cornerback Darrelle Revis seemed weird, and then the Buccaneers went and totally redeemed themselves by signing cornerback Alterraun Verner.

The trade for Revis (the Jets ended up with Sheldon Richardson and have another pick coming, and the Buccaneers got one year out of Revis in return) will end up being an all-time debacle. But having Verner replace Revis at a lower cost, while signing defensive line reinforcements in former Bengals end Michael Johnson and former Seahawks tackle Clinton McDonald, is pretty good.

Even though the Buccaneers will get rid of one of the NFL’s best cornerbacks, they ended up doing pretty well on Tuesday.

Others who cashed in with surprising big contracts: Saffold wasn’t the only one who got more money than expected. There were a few deals that made you wonder if there was an extra zero put on the end by mistake.

Two contracts really stood out. Former Broncos guard Zane Beadles, a solid player who finished 51st among guards graded by Pro Football Focus last season, signed with Jacksonville for $ 30 million over five years, with about $ 13 million guaranteed. That’s a lot of money for someone who doesn’t play a premium position and isn’t elite at guard either. Then defensive end Tyson Jackson, mostly known as a massive draft disappointment after being selected third overall by the Chiefs in 2009, signed with Atlanta for five years and $ 25 million. He had nine sacks in five Chiefs seasons and started just nine games for Kansas City last year.

But hey, those teams saw something in them that led to the teams handing over eight-figure contracts on the first day of free agency. Nobody can blame them for cashing in.


AFC West, aside from Denver: While the Broncos were letting it fly in free agency, the three teams chasing them did almost nothing.

The Chiefs had five of their own key players sign elsewhere, including three starting offensive linemen in the first hour. The Chargers’ first signing came just before midnight on the East Coast, when they signed running back Donald Brown to a reported $ 10.5 million deal … even though they have Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead already and a ton of holes on defense. And the Raiders, well, somehow the Raiders lost Lamarr Houston, Jared Veldheer and Rashad Jennings despite having $ 10 million more in cap space than everyone else.

The gap between the Broncos and the rest of the AFC West is becoming a canyon.

Receivers: Everyone knew that running backs wouldn’t get much attention on the first day of free agency. Teams don’t invest in them anymore. But even Rashad Jennings signed with the Giants, Toby Gerhart went to the Jaguars and Brown signed with the Chargers. The top receivers? Crickets.

Eric Decker, Hakeem Nicks, Julian Edelman and James Jones are all still awaiting deals. It’s a passing league but on the opening day of free agency teams focused way more on protecting the quarterback, rushing the quarterback and defending those receivers than the receivers themselves.

Eventually those receivers will find homes. But it was a rough first day for them.

Fans of teams that did nothing on the first day: It’s like Christmas without any presents.

Some GMs don’t like to play the high-stakes game of free agency when it begins. Jets GM John Idzik is prudent. Nobody can be sure Packers GM Ted Thompson knows free agency exists, because he almost never signs anyone. So even with a good amount of cap room, those teams passed on the first day.

Buffalo, Carolina, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, New England and St. Louis were some other teams that were very quiet when it came to acquiring players on the first day of free agency. That doesn’t necessarily mean they made mistakes, or that they won’t do anything at all. All of those teams could sign some key contributors in the second wave of free agency (except Green Bay, because Thompson is apparently a conscientious objector). But for the fans who dreamed since the season ended about their team signing every big-name free agent possible, it was kind of a bummer. You’ll have to just tune back in for Day Two.


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Frank Schwab is the editor of Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at shutdowncorner@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter!

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