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IPHONE 6 LEAK: Big internal overhaul coming in Apple’s iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Rumors

Last year, BGR exclusively published photos of several internal iPhone 5s components well ahead of the phone’s release, confirming that the device was set to receive a big internal overhaul. Now, a new leak that reveals a key internal iPhone 6 part could suggest once again that Apple’s new smartphone for 2014 is in store for much more than just a facelift.

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New report claims September debut for Apple’s iWatch

iWatch Release Date

Apple’s “iWatchmay or may not be an actual smartwatch. Whatever the much rumored and hotly anticipated wearable device is or is not, a new report claims it will finally debut this coming September after years of speculation.

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Apple’s WWDC set for June 2–6, and you must apply to attend

The date for Apple’s annual developers conference, is set and people can start applying for tickets starting now. On Thursday morning the company said that its Worldwide Developers Conference will take place in San Francisco from June 2 to June 6. The 5,000 slots for developers will be offered via random selection and cost $ 1599. From the release:

Developers can apply for tickets via the WWDC website now through Monday, April 7 at 10:00 a.m. PDT, and tickets will be issued to attendees through random selection. Developers will know their status by Monday, April 7 at 5:00 p.m. PDT. There will also be 200 Student Scholarships available, giving students around the world the chance to earn a free ticket (developer.apple.com/wwdc/students). This year the National Center for Women & Information Technology and its alliance partners will help promote scholarships to female engineers and coders.

Good luck.

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Jony Ive: Competitors steal Apple’s work

Pursued by thieves?

(Credit: Charlie Rose/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Here is the good news: you can make Jony Ive angry. All you have to do it copy his ideas.

How do I know? Because I’ve just read a long interview with him in the UK’s Sunday Times. (It’s behind a paywall, but I promise I didn’t steal it.)

This interview was part of the Sunday Times Magazine’s “Makers” series, and Ive warmed immediately to the concept. “Everyone I work with shares the same love of and respect for making,” he explained.

He added: “Objects and their manufacture are inseparable. You understand a product if you understand how it’s made.”

The problem is that the word “maker” has been co-opted, nay stolen, by the pimple-faced, soft-hearted techies of San Francisco, who are deeply hurt to be called “techies.

Ive, though, believes craft is enjoying a resurgence. He said he once took his iPhone apart and put it back together again, just to prove he could.

Interestingly, the Sunday Times managed to dig up a photo to prove that he once had hair. And lots of it — spiky like a Bay City Roller. (Look it up.)

The interview takes great pains to describe the great pains Ive ta… [Read more]

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Apple’s A8 SoC tipped to be made by TSMC

Further feeding the rumors surrounding Apple’s next chip, Taiwanese media are reporting that the privilege of manufacturing the A8 has been awarded to TSMC. This creates a further gap between … Continue reading

The Boy Genius Report: Can we please stop talking about how bad Apple’s CarPlay is?

Apple CarPlay Availability

I don’t think there’s anyone more excited than I am about never having to deal with a terribly designed car infotainment system again. I have used the best and the worst, and they are all downright horrible. I have also found that the more expensive the car, the worse the system you’re stuck with is. Bentley? The worst. Mercedes? Getting better but still horrid. Porsche? Functional but basic. Tesla is in another league so we’re going to leave them out of this for now. But seriously, let’s just go over this one time and one time only so we don’t ever have to speak about it again, alright?

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Surprise! Apple’s Tim Cook is both scary and caring, says new book

The power of silence?

(Credit: CNET)

So much time, effort, and emotion are expended on analyzing everything at Apple that it’s a wonder surprises still manage to emerge.

But on hearing that a new book called “Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs” was to emerge, some felt a tinge of excitement.

Written by former Wall Street Journal reporter Yukari Iwatani Kane, it promised (at least in some imaginations) to reveal secrets of Cupertino life.

An excerpt from the book was published Friday in the Journal and the revelations are few.

If you’d imagined that Apple CEO Tim Cook didn’t have quite the same style as Steve Jobs, this excerpt confirms it. He is described as not having “the quasi-religious authority that Jobs had radiated.”

He is also described as “arguably a better manager than Jobs.”

There are many of the already received wisdoms about Cook being more practical, more pragmatic, more orderly, more disciplined, and more modest.

Thankfully, he is still described as being scary. “He could strike terror in the hearts of his subordinates,” says the book. That’s a relief. It would be awful if Apple had suddenly turned into a holiday camp for the indolent.

More Technically Incorrect

NPD confirms it: Apple’s iPhone is the affluent consumer’s device in the US

The U.S. smartphone market grew by 21 percent in 2013 and the big sales winner was Apple with 45 percent of the market. The NPD Group shared the annual data on Thursday, noting that the iPhone maker experienced a small boost over 2012′s U.S. market share of 44 percent. Samsung and LG also grew U.S. sales at the expense of HTC and Motorola.

iPhone 5s M7 processor

And speaking of expenses, those who can afford more of them generally bought iPhones. NPD broke out smartphone market share by consumer income levels and found that Apple rules the roost for customers with $ 60,000 or more in annual income.

"Unit Share by Income"
Source: The NPD Group/Mobile Phone Track

Save for device refreshes, the real U.S. growth continues to be in the lower income segments, with those earning less than $ 60,000 in income accounting for 56 percent of the U.S. smartphone sales market. And sales growth for those earning less than $ 30,000 a year in the U.S. jumped to 31 percent in 2013 from 21 percent in 2012.

The situation could bode well for HTC, which has strung together eight quarters of slowing sales by trying to compete with both Apple and Samsung at the high end. Earlier this month, the company said it would be looking harder at the lower- to mid-range smartphone segment. I’m still leery of the company turning things around quickly however: Motorola has already introduced a fantastic low-cost phone in the $ 179 Moto G; Samsung too competes well in this space.

Moto G display

As for Apple, having the top overall market share in its home country is a good problem to have. And until something disruptive comes along that’s not from Apple, there’s little reason to suggest the company will have problems staying atop the market.

Even so, it’s clear that Apple is trying to branch out in other markets and segments. Getting the iPhone on China Mobile, which has more than 750 million subscribers, opens the door to potentially massive sales there. And this is the first iPhone cycle I can remember where we saw near-immediate retail discounts on the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, which could help boost 2014 sales for those with less disposable income.

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Apple’s former ad guru explains why the iPhone 5c flopped

iPhone 5c Sales Flop
Consumer reception to the iPhone 5c has been on the whole underwhelming to say the least. Now former Apple advertising executive Ken Segall has penned a short autopsy of the iPhone 5c on his blog and comes to the conclusion that Apple’s user base just has no use for cheap-looking plastic phones.

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Comcast could screw up Apple’s Apple TV ambitions

Apple TV Time Warner Cable Deal
One of the more overlooked aspects of the proposed Comcast-Time Warner cable merger announced last week was how it would impact Apple’s plans for Apple TV. After all, Bloomberg reported right before the merger was announced that Apple was planning to unveil a major refresh to Apple TV in April and that it was working on a deal with Time Warner Cable to deliver content over its next-generation set-top box. However, now that Time Warner Cable is in the midst of getting bought up by Comcast, where does that leave things for Apple?

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